Kevin Schmuhl




The company was founded by Kevin Schmuhl because he felt there was a strong demand in the DFW area for reliable and competent structural engineering services. After years of working for and observing the operations of competing firms, it was evident that the quality of engineering and the client services could be vastly improved. This firm is founded on the following concepts:

  Quality – This is the number one priority on every project that leaves this office. We understand that building a reputation for an exceptional product is essential for growth and retention. Omission of details or plan information can cause unnecessary delays and cost surcharges. KWS Structural treats each project as if it were our own, and only issues plans that we would want to build from ourselves. We have been told that our structural drawings and plans are the most thorough, accurate, and complete of any firm in the DFW area. Quality engineering saves time and money, and ensures that you will return to us on your next project.

  Customer Service – It seems like customer service deteriorates every year, not only in our industry, but in all industries. KWS treats our clients as we would want to be treated. We are honest and upfront regarding contracts, pricing, and completion dates. Shop drawings and RFIs are promptly reviewed and returned. Good communication throughout the project keeps surprises from occurring. The bottom line is that if you’re not happy, then we are not going to get your repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. Ninety percent of our revenue comes from repeat business, while the remaining ten percent comes from referrals.

  Project Management – We have invested in the best employees, computers, printers, and engineering software in order to maximize our productivity and reduce long-term costs. Due to good project management, experience and expertise in design, and efficient document production, we are usually able to produce a superior quality set of drawings at or below the costs typically charged by our competition. We will continue to acquire the best equipment and employees to maintain this advantage.

Please contact us so that we can apply these principles and standards to your next project.

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